George Bekker

Hi everyone. I oversee the Business Operations, Production Design, Marketing and Promotion as well as Producing the show.

Liana Bekker

Hey there. My area of expertise includes Talent Scout and Artistic Design. I love to act and occasionally I like to Direct as well.

Meet our Founders

Believing that Shakespeare is a vital part of our common heritage, we would like to make his plays available for everyone to experience, by presenting them to the public free of charge and fulfill this important need in the performing arts community: providing quality productions of classic drama in an authentic outdoor setting.

Babbling Brook Players was founded by George and Liana Bekker. It is a community theater company with a purpose of bringing Shakespeare and other classic plays to the beautiful parks in Rockland county. Both huge fans of the theater and supporters of community arts George and Liana wanted to bring the unique experience  of watching a theater performance outdoors to the local communities of Rockland where they reside. 

Our membership includes all sorts of people: from young students to retired professors, auto mechanics to librarians, homemakers, news editors, artists and attorneys.  We encourage participation by people of all ages and backgrounds, and celebrate our diversity.  Working together with the art department in the local schools we offer an opportunity for the area High School students to volunteer in our crew and gain a real theater production experience over the summer.    

With a large population of people supporting arts in Rockland County and surrounding areas, members of the Babbling Brook Players theater company are united by our common love of Shakespeare and a delight in presenting his and other classic plays to our friends and neighbors in an outdoor setting across the county.    

Prior to starting the company Liana has been very active in the community theater programs and has appeared in various plays in Rockland and Westchester counties. Outside of her theater work Liana is a Social Worker and has a masters degree from New York University.

George works in the Financial Industry. He has an MBA from Pace University. His skills allow him to run the business side of the Babbling Brook Players company.

Our Mission

Our History